BIS@T is a trade show management platform that manages the schedules and tasks of buyers, domestic companies, and interpreters.
BIS@T hosts over 100 export conferences each year and is still growing.

You don't need to install any app to use BIS@T.
Simply open a browser on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, and connect.
* BIS@T has been designed to work best with Google Chrome.

BIS@T allows you to update and share the changing schedules of buyers, exhibitors, and interpreters in real time during trade shows.

Event organizers can monitor what's going on at the trade show from anywhere at any time.

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Coordinators who meet buyers at the airport can check their entry status and make any necessary notes.

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Similarly, coordinators who assist buyers with hotel check-in
can simply change the buyer status.

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When the trade show begins, field managers monitor buyer, interpreter, and company participation and share their status via BIS@T.

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Managers can understand real-time conference information and updates at a glance.

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The buyer's interpreters can use their smartphones to enter the meeting summary and report.
It's a more reliable and efficient way of note-taking than writing on paper, giving more time to focus on actual interpreting.

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The interpreter's consultation notes are displayed in real time on the consultation log reviewer's screen, and actions such as review and approval or rejection of corrections can be taken.
You can now review the results of the trade show in Singapore while you're in Seoul.

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  • $2,244,513
  • $74,817
  • $86,327
  • $856,669
  • $28,555
  • $32,948

BIS@T collates all consultation log data in real time and presents various statistics.

BIS@T data can include infinite value, such as which items were most traded, which buyers made the most purchases, and what the common purchase motivations were.

When you use BIS@T, you can save up to 20% on on-site operation personnel, 30% on performance accumulators, and 100% on consultation log collection personnel.
They can complete their work and return home within an hour of the event's conclusion.

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This is why we created this platform.


KOTRA and other major national organizations in Korea use BIS@T for the majority of their trade shows.
And that's not possible without system stability, efficiency, and security.

As a result, many reputable institutions use BIS@T.
It's now time for you to get started.
Contact eQQui to enjoy these advantages today.
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